Yep, you read that right. A highly organised, and probably professional, raid was carried out on my favourite camera shop last weekend.

Over £160,000 worth of gear was stolen, all of it Leica, and includes multiple copies of the same models was taken from Ffordes Photographic

If you are offered any Leica equipment it would be well worth checking it against the published serial numbers to see if its ‘hot’ property. Even if you’re tempted by a great price, and your underlying lust for equipment you normally can’t afford, just remember this:

  • Leica won’t service it for you, they know it’s stolen so they probably won’t even return it to you,
  • you won’t be able to sell it on, because everyone in the business knows about the raid
  • you won’t get it insured, because they all know too,
  • and you could even find yourself in court for receiving stolen goods.

AND on top of that you will know that you’re a part of the loop that has hurt an exceptional independent retailer. Yes independent, not some big chain. One shop, an amazing toy shop, in rural Scotland, that does wonders for photography and photographers in the area and beyond.

Here is a LINK to the list of equipment – please report any sightings to the Police. Full details on the link and on their website.