A better read

After careful consideration, and noticing that this site with wordpress doesn’t really cut it from a photographic point of view, I have separated my photography arm from my writing arm. Which is ok, because I am ambidextrous.

This site, blythestorm.com, will now be dedicated to my writing and my new site blythestormphotography.com will showcase my photography.

The great thing about this is, dear reader, that not only will you be able to read about my photography (and my exploits relating to that) here, but you will also be able to read what I have written on a greater number of subjects. Hopefully these articles will continue to entertain, and hopefully inform, not only my loyal readers but also a wider audience whilst bringing together all my readers into one place. No fighting please.

Those of you who follow me here will already know that I have written about my depression and how creativity, through photography, made a large impact on how I live with it, but did you know that I also write on environmental subjects? If you follow me on Twitter then you’ll know my stance on hunting, especially the illegal persecution of wildlife related to it. Freeing this site from being centred on my photography will mean I will be able to write all my articles to one place and so I have closed my other two blogs, my wildlife/environmental one, and my Olympus PEN-f specific one. But you won’t have to read subjects that don’t interest you, I mean who would? 

I’ve changed the menu so you can see the most recent posts from the front page but easily navigate by subject using the menu to sections which interest you. My photography lessons, which were appearing on my Olympus site will now appear here instead.

All posts will take comments, links, and ping backs etc, although all comments are moderated and subject to site admins approval. There will continue to be no tolerance to abusive or offensive comments so don’t come here to start a fight because I don’t feed trolls. They make nice pets, and I have several on Twitter already, but I really don’t have time to engage with idiots. So, you have been warned. As I said earlier, no fighting please.

I am not migrating any articles from my other sites, the material on this site will be totally new (that’s a relief for the readers and more work for me). If you enjoy an article you can not only comment but you can also support the author by ‘buying me a beer’ by clicking the link at the bottom of the article. This will take you to a PayPal option and you can buy me as many beers as you like by putting in your own price. Any advertising on this site makes money for WordPress, not for me, and I am not paying them to remove it.

Well that’s the update folks, although many of you won’t read it for a few days because you’ll all be turning your iOS up to 11 and since it was only launched tonight it’s bound to mess up. Me? I’m waiting until the rest of the world has suffered for a few days and they release 11.1 with the bugs ironed out. 

Cheerio for now.