Undoubtedly you will have seen photos in the news recently about the issue of plastics on the beaches around the world. It is an odd thing, but for years I have tried to get photos without the plastic in them, then kicked myself for not telling the story as it really is. The aesthetics ruling over the reality.

So, today, when I went out to take some lovely shots of Hopeman on the Moray Firth I decided to be a little more honest about it.

It wasn’t hard to find plastic, rope, dead animals, bags of dog poo (why bag it then leave 20ft from the bin, and yes I picked it up and put it in the bin for you…). Anyway, I digress.

Some of the plastic items were really huge and heaven only knows what the big yellow thing once was.


Some of it was a load of old rope.


Some of it decidedly reminding me that this is Scotland…

But nature was trying her hardest to fight her way through it all:


And there was life clinging to the small and risky places:


Some of the small bays where I expected to find things washed up were surprisingly clean:


The sky was the most interesting it had been in several days, and the colours and the light were changing constantly. The breeze off the sea was keeping the temperature down a little but it was still t-shirt and shorts weather, for Scotland anyway.