Flowers with the Fujifilm XT-2 and Velvia

1/210sec @ f5.6, ISO200 – cropped and small amount of post crop vignette added in LR

Following my previous post about the quality of the Fujifilm XF WR 16-55mm f2.8 lens and the way it enabled me to capture the Lupines at Spey Bay, I thought I would throw some more tricky colours at the camera and see how shooting with the in-camera JPEG setting on Velvia coped.

The results speak for themselves:

1/105sec @ f8, ISO200 – small crop, very small amount of post crop vignette added in LR

The detail is impressive and the fresh morning dew really highlights the petals, but importantly the colour is accurate to the flower as seen in the shaded garden just after 9am Tuesday morning.

1/210sec @ f8, ISO200 – cropped with a small adjustment in the Shadows

Above – This is a very hard colour to accurately reproduce, made even more difficult by it being 12inches from the floor and requiring it to be shot from below and therefore into the light. I love the detail on the inner petals brought out by shooting into the light and therefore being backlit, as well as the really fab bokeh.

I would have liked more of it in focus but that would have required a greater depth of field so either using a tripod or increasing the ISO to permit this would have created another compromise. In the end I think the important parts of the flower are in focus for the narrative of the image I required.

The final image (below) was a real test of lens and camera, mainly due to the very small size of the flowers concerned. This lens is not a macro lens and its close focussing ability is not anything like a decent macro lens would be, so there was a lot of dead space surrounding the flowers themselves. However, the flowers are rendered so beautifully crisp and the large 6000×4000 pixel image size allows for a significant image crop.

1/75sec @ f8, ISO200 – cropped in LR

I was delighted to be able to hold it this steady at 1/75 in a difficult physical position where I was bending directly over the low, almost at ground level, plants. This shows how well balanced the lens is, which doesn’t appear to be that promising when you consider how large and heavy it is compared to the Fujifilm 18-55mm or 16-50mm offerings.

This two day series of shots has inspired me to consider the Fujifilm extension tubes as a viable option, rather than opting for a true macro lens. At a retail price of around £70UK and available used for around £50UK these are not as cheap as some, but do retain all the electronic connections to the lens and are significantly cheaper than a dedicated lens.

More on that in due course, I suspect.


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