From Nikon to Fuji

Having walked a considerable distance with my full Nikon kit it soon became apparent, both at the time and for several days afterwards, that I really don’t enjoy carrying huge heavy cameras.

In fact, it actually puts me off taking my camera and even just the hassle of putting down my stuff to take photos becomes a chore.

So, I have returned to the fold of the mirrorless revolution and embraced the smaller, lighter equipment, with a return to Fuji. I had an XPro1 before, with an 18mm, a 27mm, and a 18-135mm lens. I switched back to Nikon because I wanted longer and wider lenses, when what I should have done is sat tight.

My switch to Nikon have a 300mm which still wasn’t quite long enough but weighed a ton. It gave me a 12-24mm which I loved, but couldn’t ever quite get the hang of and also weight a fair bit. But it also gave me a sore neck, back, and shoulders.

A sample shot with the XT1 and 35mm at the Fuji Day with Ffordes Photographic

So, I went to a Fuji taster day and came away with an XT1 body, 14mm, and35mm lenses. I have to say, from my initial examination of the file they blow the D7100 out the water. The quality of the images, the colours, the sharpness of the lenses, the rendition of the detail from the X-Trans sensor, are all amazing.

It also means I have gone from a 7kg load to less than 2kg.

Sample shots from this weekend, just getting used to the new camera and lenses:

Although I am only just getting used the new set up, over all I don’t regret my decision one bit (the bank manager might though).



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